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Sampling and Recording the interface between minerals and microbes

Samples of the minerals and the microbiome will be collected from a number of landscapes  to include alum (Melos, Cyclades); natron (Pikrolimni, N  Greece); miltos (Kea, Cyclades); muds (Kyllene, W Peloponnese; Alykes, Melos ).

Recording of sites will involve the use of Structure-from-Motion (SfM) software. This is a photogrammetric method for creating 3-D models of a feature or surface from overlapping 2-D images taken from multiple locations and orientations. The technique can be used to: model the camera`s interior geometry; determine the relative position and orientation of the camera for each photo relative to the imaged surface; generate a point cloud of 3-D points from finding matching locations in two or more images which can be transformed into a textured 3D model.


A 3-D model of a Melos cavern compiled by Brian Barrett can be viewed here. The model offers a tremendous potential for extended study of the landscape beyond the timeframe of the visit on site.

Images clockwise from top left: sample collection in mine tunnel, Orkos, Kea;  3D model of the Melos cavern; sample collection: 3D model of solfatara; sampling white minerals in Solfatara, Campi Flegrei. Images courtesy of Effie Photos-Jones and Brian Barrett.

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